The AAD Board of Administration has approved an update to the table of discharge parameters for the polygon’s collectors, since the renewal of the polygon’s authorisation to discharge via public watercourses is currently being processed, and its resolution due in 2022

This renewal will have far more restrictive discharge parameters than the existing ones

The new table of parameters (Table 1), effective as of 29th October 2021, is available viathis link, and will be applicable to new discharge permits

Companies that are already operative must also adapt their wastewater discharge, within a period that will be specified by the new regulation under way.

Table 2, available via this second link, shows the limitations that have been applicable up to the present time, and which affect all discharge permits granted to date. .

The wastewater treatment plant of the industrial park has exceeded its reasonable useful lifespan, as well as its operating capacity, restricting the potential expansion of the activity of the companies in the Industrial Park, for which reason the appropriate studies are being initiated for its future expansion.