Invest in Álava

Alava is a widely recognised investment destination in the fields of industry and logistics. The region’s development strategy prioritises the promotion of resources oriented towards facilitating the implementation of innovative activities that are committed to sustainable and sound development that respects the environment.

Quality industrial parks, promoted and sustained by regional organisations that provide considerable resources so as to maintain the competitive positioning of these facilities.

In addition to AAD, other entities that offer industrial areas in Alava are:

Technology Park
Arabako Industrialdea

These options are integrated into our interactive search engine to locate industrial plots and real estate.

Located on the European Atlantic Corridor, Alava enjoys an excellent connectivity network via land, air and sea. These infrastructures are constantly being enhanced to reinforce the efficiency and sustainability of logistics operations.

The Intermodal Centre of Transport and Logistics of Vitoria (CTVi) is an integral service platform where the most prominent companies in the logistics sector are located, providing them with a wide variety of services, including customs management.

This centre is linked to the Atlantic Rail Freight Corridor (TENT-T network) and to the Intermodal Terminal of Vitoria, located in Jundiz, whose expansion includes the forthcoming implementation of a rail motorway for the transportation of lorries, and will allow freight train operations of 750 m in standard gauge (1.435 mm).

Vitoria International Airport, which sees a great deal of freight traffic, provides facilities for large cargo aircraft operations and specialised infrastructures, such as its terminal for perishable goods and livestock. It has a long track record in the management of complex cargo handling projects, covering all air cargo processes. The most prominent integrated services companies have their air freight hubs for Spain, Portugal, southern France and Morocco.

The Arasur Multi-modal Platform is located at the road and rail intersections of the north-south and east-west axes of the Iberian Peninsula. It has state-of-the-art warehouses and facilities, including a rail terminal at the Port of Bilbao.

Other logistics resources of interest:

VIA Vitoria International Airport Promotion Agency
Port of Bilbao
Port of Pasaia
VIAL: Vitoria Alava Logistics Solution

Location of a significant part of the value chain associated with the strategic clusters of the Basque Country’s economy.
The local administration is highly effective thanks to its ample experience and decision-making power in the fields of tax and industrial promotion, and offers a wide range of resources to meet the specific needs of investors and entrepreneurs.

The Department of Economic Development of the Provincial Council and that of the Basque Government, as well as those agencies oriented towards new investment projects (AAD and SPRI Group with its project “Invest in the Basque Country”) provide assistance and advice for new project promotors, offering detailed information and guidance.

The document “Alava for you” describes the main characteristics of Alava as an investment destination. In addition, business associations such as the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Alava and SEA Empresas Alavesas also provide assistance to help welcome new investors.

The service “Álava Emprende” offers a wealth of information on the resources available in Alava to facilitate entrepreneurship, as does the Basque Government website. One such service is BICAraba, whose business centre located in Alava Technology Park offers support for the establishment of new projects in their initial phase.

Network of R+D and innovation support centers of recognised prestige

The Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Network reflects the Basque Country’s technological interest, bringing together a group of research, development and innovation organisations who operate as a network to meet the technological needs of the business world.
Alava Technology Park is home to an array of outstanding scientific and technological services, such as the CIC energiGUNE (energy storage), BioAraba and Araba PharmaLab (health sciences), the CTA Aerospace Test Laboratory, Neiker (the Basque Institute for Agricultural Research and Development), Siemens-Guascor, and the Basque Cybersecurity Centre.

Recruitment and talent management with technical and educational resources adapted to the needs of innovation, entrepreneurship and internationalisation of local industry: dual qualifications at university and higher vocational training level, specialised training for researchers and PhDs, and customised training programs for the development of a wide number of projects.

Alava offers innovative training opportunities, for its new qualifications on the one hand—including degrees in car manufacturing and digital industry—and its dual apprenticeship system on the other. Vocational training and university studies come together in a joint training program that ensures their seamless and effective interaction.
Vocational Training has been popular in Alava for over 70 years. Both the private network EGIBIDE and the public network IKASLAN form the Basque model of Vocational Training, internationally renowned for its innovative capacity, its connections with the productive realm, and the way in which the training centres themselves foster entrepreneurial culture and the creation of companies. In addition, it is a reference for its implementation of new methodologies, such as High Performance Cycles, a collaborative learning approach based on challenges.
The UPV/EHU, UNED, Deusto-Egibide and Euneiz (European University Gasteiz, currently under construction), offer a collective prospectus of 60 university degrees in Engineering and Industry 4.0, Pharmacy, Humanities, Health, Sports, Digital Contents and Creative Industries.
Vitoria-Gasteiz is home to two top university research centers: the Lascaray Research Center (Biosciences and Quality of Life) and the more recently established Micaela Portilla Research Center, specialising in Social Sciences and Humanities.